What You Might Want To Do If You Travel To Austin Texas This Year

Will you be traveling to Austin in the near future? Have you ever been there before? Once you arrive, you will want to do several fun activities that will be perfect for you and your family. There are destinations that are designed to teach you about the history of Texas to some degree, as well as the development of the city itself. Whether you are looking for something that is fun filled, or just relaxing, here are a couple of ideas that you should consider if you are going to be spending a small amount of time in Austin.

Congress Avenue BATS

This is a very interesting location for one specific reason. It contains the largest urban colony of bats. If you have ever had an affinity toward these nocturnal creatures, this is a place that you should visit just to see them. They come as a result of a migration that they typically do, ending up at this location during the spring. They will reside there until the fall, and then continue to migrate north. You can see them best right at dusk as they go for their evening flight in order to feed on the many different insects that are in the area.

Lady Bird Lake

Although paddleboard in is typically attributed to those that travel to the Caribbean or Hawaii, Austin is warm enough where you can do this on Lady Bird Lake during the summer. It is a Westside city, east of Austin, and the waters are usually very clear and calm. Most people will take this paddleboard trip right about dusk, allowing them to enjoy the sunset. It is always recommended that you bring the proper safety gear, and of course snacks. If you have a waterproof camera, you will definitely want to take that as well, so that you can enjoy this beautiful location.

It is common for people to associate the city of Austin with towering buildings, but it is so much more than that. The combination of this trip to where bats reside, and also taking a sunset paddleboat adventure, will give you a couple unique things to do. Best of all, if you are staying for several weeks, you can take advantage of all of the other attractions that are available. Austin is a beautiful destination that people should visit at least once, and if you get to go, these places will make your trip extra special.